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Our son has been seeing Ms. Katie for about four months now. We noticed an immediate improvement in his speech and his overall progress is dramatic. It is hard for me to keep my emotions in check when talking about his speech struggles and Ms. Katie's role in his progress. It is painful to say the least seeing your child's confusion and frustration that despite his best efforts, he is not being understood. I remember clearly the first time I realized that I was in the midst of the longest conversation I ever had with him. I knew then he'd be okay and we owe that to Ms. Katie.

Her approach is great. My son does not see his sessions as work. He looks forward to going to "Ms. Katie's house". She sits down with us and the end of every session to let us know his progress and/or where he's struggling. Her at-home exercises are practical and easy to follow but effective. I see my son applying her techniques daily on his own, without prompting.

The location is great and very easy to get to. Parking is always available in the lot. They have weekend hours too which are a blessing with both parents working full time. The therapy room is playful and bright. I would whole heartedly recommend Play and Say to anyone and everyone.

My son is a more effective communicator and will be for life with the help he received at Play and Say. I can't put a price on that and describe just how much that means to me. If you are in need of speech therapy, please check out Play and Say. You will not be disappointed.


I can't say enough good things about Katie. She has been working with my kids for about 6 months and has helped them enormously. She is patient and professional. I receive regular updates on the sounds that they are currently working on, their progress and tips on how I can reinforce what they are learning throughout the week. And best of all it never seems like work to them. It's playtime! She is absolutely great with them. They always look forward to their sessions with Katie.


Katie is great! She did therapy for a year with my daughter when she was two years old. (She just turned six.) Our daughter could not say many of her sounds and it was very difficult to understand her.

Katie came to our house twice a week for an hour for a year. She was wonderful with my daughter! She was patient, talented, warm, and intuitive. About the time my daughter was turning three Katie made a suggestion we see an ENT. We did and found out she needed surgery to have her adenoids removed and tubes put in her ears.

After the surgery -a week later, my daughter spoke as if there was never a speech delay and we could totally understand her every word. It coincidentally came at the same time Katie was leaving for Ireland and my daughter was aging out of the Illinois Early Intervention Program. My daughter transitioned to a different speech therapist. Three months later she no longer needed speech therapy and was discharged. We owe it all to Katie!!


Before our son started speech therapy at Play and Say Therapy, he had very limited vocabulary and speech. Today, our son has progressed significantly. We are truly pleased with his progress and appreciate the results.

I would not hesitate to recommend Play and Say Therapy services to our friends and family. Our sincere thanks to Ms. Katie Durkin and Play & Say Therapy.


Wonderful speech therapist.. we like her so much, we got not enough words to praise Katie. My son doesn't listen to us, like it's listening to Katie. Never thought he will learn so quickly to answer the questions.. to express himself so much.. he is talking fantastic compare to a few months before.. She is giving us very good advices, and, even my husband comply :) It helped even in our relationship.. We so happy, that, for a kid on autistic spectrum, he is doing so well.. Thank you, Katie!!!!!


Katie worked for a year and a half with my autistic son Daniel. During that time we saw a huge improvement in his communication skills and receptive language. The programs she implemented and tools used were hugely beneficial and innovative. I highly recommend this service.


We love this place, our little lady is learning to speak here, it is a wonderful environment and keeps everyone involved!


My 5 year old son started seeing Katie last year when he was recommended for an IEP (Individual Educational Plan) from his school. He had always struggled with speech and communication. He has some hearing problems. He started to see his school Pathologist, which he only sees for 30 minutes per week in a group setting. My husband and I decided to search for a private pathologist that he can see outside of school.

Well, it was a blessing finding Katie. He has been seeing her for about 8 months now, and the progress he's made is amazing. His teacher originally described him as a "loner." NOW...forget about it. He is so confident with his speech, that he makes new friends everywhere he goes. He's able to express himself with detail, and is learning how to put thoughts together using descriptive words.

He's now 6 years old, and I couldn't be more pleased with his progress. Katie makes it a fun environment, that he is always looking forward to going. Katie is extremely helpful when it comes down to working with the Insurance Co. That was one less thing I had to worry about. I strongly recommend Play and Say Therapy.


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